Shipping & Returns

How quickly will this ship?

Usually within 2 business days. All non-custom orders ship within 5 business days.

What happens if something stops working?

Let us know! It doesn't happen often but if it does we're happy to replace any electronic component that stops working within 12 months of delivery.


How many cables will there be?

The number of cables coming out of the charging station is equal to the number of chargers in the station. But - we include a "cord wrap" that enmeshes multiple cords into a single trunk line, making the appearance of a single cable/cord. We also include a multi-port wall plug / power supply that all of the cables plug into so only 1 wall outlet is required.

How fast are the chargers?

Visit here to find see all of the specs on all of the chargers and electronics we offer

Do you use chargers made by Apple?

We work with 3rd party vendors. If you prefer to go with Apple branded products, or if you already the chargers you need that's totally OK - just choose the base option that does not include the chargers. 


Can you make something custom for me? Or personalize it?

YES! We understand that everyone has different devices, styles and charging needs. We can change the primary or secondary material, add an engraving or personalization, modify the design or go full custom and create something that is completely one of a kind.