Use & Care - MagSafe Stand

Thanks for purchasing our minimalist MagSafe charging stand. This page describes the brief set up process and shares some suggestions for ongoing use. If there's anything we can help with please send us a note!

1- Getting Ready - Route the charger plug through the hole in the back of the stand. 

2- Attaching the Charger - Attach one part of the velcro to the center of the back of the charger. Attach the other part to the center of the circle area on the metal stand. Press charger in place.

3- Powering the Charger - Connect the charger to a 20 watt (or higher) power supply. 

3- Placing the Stand - Although the stand can be used as is, we include 2 options for the base which can increase the ease of use. 1 - nano suction ovals - use these if you plan to keep the stand in the exact same location and desire true 1-hand operation. 2 - rubber circles - use these if you want to add some resistance to the stand but also want to be able to move it around periodically. 1-hand operation is also possible with the rubber circles if you use the right technique. With either option, peel off and affix one to each corner of the base's bottom.

4- Removing the Charger - There is a hole in the metal at the top of the charger. To remove the charger, press a pen/pencil or something similar through the metal to push out the charger. It is VERY important that you push the charger out here and not from a different location - otherwise the cord could push through and damage the wood.


Addl. Notes - Turn the phone horizontally while charging for "Stand By Mode" which can display the clock and other information. See more information here. Charger will output up to 15 watts. 



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