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Charging Stations

3-in-1 Charging Dock - Fully Wireless Charging3-in-1 Charging Dock - Fully Wireless Charging
Customizable Docking Station for 1-4 Devices in WalnutCustomizable Docking Station for 1-4 Devices in Walnut

Bike Storage

Minimalist Bike Shelf in Maple
Minimalist Bike Shelf in Mahogany

Other Popular Products

Black & White BoardBlack & White Board
Chop Cutting BoardChop Cutting Board
Hardwood Wood Hooks for WallsHardwood Wood Hooks for Walls

Minimalist Home Products and Goods

We specialize in creating minimalist home products that make your home and daily routine easier, more organized and more enjoyable. We like less clutter. All of our products are rooted in a simple design philosophy: create items for the home that look beautiful and solve real problems. That’s an ideal we get out of bed every morning to pursue. All our minimalist home products are manufactured in small batches, allowing us to guarantee their quality.

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