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Family Charging Station

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Say goodbye to the clutter of cords and endless plugs and upgrade your charging experience to our Family Charging Station. Charge your entire household’s devices in one place and transform the mundane task of charging into a sleek, organized affair. Compatible with any mix of devices (phones, laptops, tablets, watches, earbuds etc.) and needing only one outlet to plug into, it’s the perfect addition to any modern home.


  • laptop/tablet stand - adjustable acrylic stands accommodate up to 5 of any size tablet or laptop
  • built in vents in the bottom and top of the station 

  • rubber feet to protect your countertop

  • optional components

  • built in plugs - lightning, USB-C

  • watch stand - available for multiple brands


Charging cables and power supply are NOT included (unless choosing the built in plugs). We recommend using a 6 or 7 port power supply that all of your cables can plug into (available on Amazon and elsewhere for $45+). Your power supply and charging cables will fully fit inside the charging station, completely eliminating the common mess of cords, plugs and adapters.


Handmade in USA

Customer Reviews

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Matt S

Fantastic item, looked better in person - great solution to wrangle the nightstand. Thanks!