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Oaky Double Phone Charger

Oaky Double Phone Charger

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Key Features:

  • 2 in 1 wireless charger for 2 iPhones.
  • Great for the Bedside table in Stand By Mode.
  • Minimalist design blends seamlessly with any decor.
  • Requires 2 MagSafe/Magnetic chargers.
  • Bring your own chargers/power supply or purchase the bundle and save.

  • Ships Within 3 Biz Days
  • 30 Day Returns
  • 12 Month Warranty

Crafted from beautiful American Oak and powder coated steel, this sleek family of chargers will elevate your charging experience. Available in multiple configurations to wirelessly charge 1-3 devices simultaneously.

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Shipping & Returns

  • What is the process for returns?

We offer hassle free returns via a self-service return portal - you can receive a prepaid return label without ever contacting us.

  • What if it stops working?

It doesn't happen often but if there's an issue with the electronics within 12 months of purchase we'll happily send a replacement.

Charging Specs

Our Magnetic charger outputs up to 15 watts and requires a 20 watt power supply.


MagSafe/Magnetic charger

  • All iPhones 12 and newer. If using a case it must be MagSafe compatible.
  • Earlier iPhone models as well as non-Apple phones that are Qi-compatible will charge. If using the stand these devices must have a MagSafe case to connect to the magnet.

Apple Watch

  • All models.


  • Wireless charging capable case required.

Other Questions

Visit our FAQ page or send an email -